Cosmetical Extracts

Extract name Latin name Product ref. name
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera ALOE PG-30L
Aloe Vera Aloe Vera ALOE PG-40L
Aniseed extract Pimpinella anisum PIMPINELLA PG-40L
Goldenrod extract Solidago virgaurea SOLIDAGINIS PG-40L
Arnicae extract Arnica montana ARNICAE PG-40L
Avocado extract Persea americana PERSEA PG-40L
Bamboo leaf extract Bambusa bambos BAMBUSA PG-40L
Banana extract Musa MUSA PG-40L
Echinacea extract Echinacea ECHINACEA PG-40L
Elder flower extract Sambucus nigra SAMBUCI PG-40L
Lesser burdock root extract Arctium minus ARTICUM PG-40L
Wheatsporut extract Triticum aestivum TRITICUM PG-40L
Yarrow extract Achillea millefolium ACHILLEA PG-40L
Lemon Balm extract Melissa officinalis MELISSAE PG-40L
Nettle extract Urtica URTICA PG-40L
Rosehips extract Rosa canina ROSA CANINA PG-40L
Witch hazels extract Hamamelis HAMAMELIS PG-40L
Walnut leaf extract Juglans JUGLANS PG-40L
Liquorice extract Glycyrrhiza GLYCYRRHIZA PG-40L
Strawberrie leaf extract Fragaria FRAGARIA PG-40L
Peat extract Peat PEA T PG-80L
Comfrey extract Symphytum caucasicum SYMPHYTUM PG-40L
Blackcurrant extract Ribes nigrum RIBUS PG-40L
Ginkgo Biloba extract Ginkgo biloba GINKGO PG-40L
Ginseng extract P. ginseng GINSENG PG-40L
Pomegranate extract Punica granatum GRANATI PG-40L
Ginger extract Zingiber officinale ZINGIBER PG-40L
Boswellia extract Boswellia BOSWELLIA PG-99L
Thyme extract Thymus vulgaris THYMUS PG-40L
Calmus root extract Acorus calamus CALMI PG-40L
Chamomile extract Matricaria MATRICARIA PG-40L
Humulus extract (hops) Humulus lupulus HUMULUS PG-40L
Calendula flower extract Calendula arvensis CALENDULAE IM-99L
Calendula flower extract Calendula arvensis CALENDULAE PG-40L
Curcuma extract Curcuma CURCUMA IM-99L
Curcuma extract Curcuma CURCUMA PG-99L
Flax seed extract Linum usitatissimum LINI PG-40L
Lavender extract Lavandula spica LAVANDULA PG-40L
Valeriana extract Valeriana VALERIANA PG-40L
Mango extract Mangifera MANGIFERA PG-40L
Pepermint extract Mentha × piperita MENTHAE PG-40L
Salvia sclarea extract Salvia sclarea SALVIA SCLAREA PG-40L
Olive extraxt Olea europaea OLEIA PG-40L
St. John’s wort extract Hypericum HYPERICUM PG-40L
Devil’s claw root extract Harpagophytum HARPAGOPHYTI PG-40L
Krameria root extract Krameria KRAMERIAE PG-40L
Meadowsweets extract Spiraea SPIRAEA PG-40L
Rosemary extract Salvia rosmarinus ROSMARINUS PG-40L
Daemonorops extract Daemonorops DAEMONOROPS DRACO PG-55L
Eyebright extract Euphrasia EUPHRASIA PG-40L
Butcher’s-broom extract Ruscus aculeatus RUSCUS PG-40L
Cucumber extract Cucumis sativus CUCUMIS PG-40L
Viola extract Viola VIOLA PG-40L
Chestnut extract Aesculus AESCULI PG-40L
Grapevines leaf extract Vitis VITIS LEAF PG-40L
Grapevines seed extract Vitis VITIS SEED PG-40L
Oat extract Avena AVENA PG-40L
Green tea extract Camellia sinensis GREENTEA PG-40L
Sage extract Salvia officinalis SALVIA OFFICINALIS PG-40L
Horsetail extract Equisetum EQUISETUM PG-40L
Equisetum+Thymus extract Equisetum-Thymus EQUISETUM-THYMUS PG-40L
Rosemary Acid 4% Salvia rosmarinus ROSMARIC ACID GL-40L
Glicirrizic Acid 4% Glychirizic acid GLYCHIRRIZIC ACID GL-40L
Rosemary oil Salvia rosmarinus ROZMOX OIL

Signs used:

  • PG = Propylene glycol extract
  • ET = Ethanol extract
  • IPM = Isopropyl myristate extract
  • HO = Sunflower oil extract
  • SO = Soy oil extract
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